Meditation For Beginners

Bringing meditation practice into the bathroom is a terrific way to start incorporating mindfulness into your entire day, rather than simply the minutes you spend sitting on a cushion in formal meditation. We discuss mindfulness in a varie

One simple technique to cultivate mindfulness is to concentrate on your own breathing. You'll find it easier to focus attention on your breath in your daily life after setting aside time to practice mindful breathing—an important skill t

Is it possible to meditate while lying down? Most teachers think that sitting to meditate is ideal whenever possible because the mind is more aware and attentive when we're seated and erect. However, if you're wondering if you can meditate

Our entire existence is experienced through our minds, and once we start meditating, our perspective on life can drastically change. However, being motivated to begin meditating is not the same as really doing it, and you will only experie

Chakras, as they are known in Hinduism, are part of the body's interconnected energy system. The term chakra refers to one of seven places inside this energy system. It literally means "wheel" in Sanskrit. Each energy point spins and vi