Our relationships, sexual needs, and creativity are all governed by the sacral chakra, commonly known as the second chakra or Svadhisthana. It is frequently seen as the source of all life and creation. A good sex life, solid bonds, and

Our need for physical and emotional safety - as well as energy - is represented by the base chakra. It's our foundation, and it's from there that we can address our more complex emotions and higher-level thinking. Placing these crystals on

Your root chakra is one of seven chakras or energy centers. Our entire energy anatomy includes these energy centers. The first is your aura or the sphere that surrounds your body. Next are the chakras, which are the energy centers that ext

The Sanskrit term "chakra" literally means "wheel" or "cycle." The chakras are wheel-like energy centers that are not physically discernible but belong to the subtle spiritual body and connect it to the material one in spiritual practices

The word "chakra" means "disk" or "wheel" in Sanskrit, and it relates to your body's energy centers. These spinning energy wheels or disks correspond to specific nerve bundles and main organs. Your chakras must be open, or balanced, in