Meditation For Beginners

Chakras, as they are known in Hinduism, are part of the body's interconnected energy system. The term chakra refers to one of seven places inside this energy system. It literally means "wheel" in Sanskrit. Each energy point spins and vi

In this article, we will talk about the best techniques for meditation for beginners at home and also how you can get started with these practices. Calming or insight meditation are two terms that are frequently used to describe meditation

This 2 minute meditation for beginners will help you instead of reacting harshly, meditation allows us to respond wisely and mindfully to particular situations, using our judgment with more calm and clarity. Meditation also allows us to ta

We lower our stress levels, have a better understanding of our discomfort, connect better, enhance our focus, and are kinder to ourselves when we meditate.  The goal of meditation is to relax both the mind and the body; it's not a diff

It’s well-known the benefits of meditation about your body and mind, but when you just get started you can find it challenging to maintain a regular practice, but this is completely normal because, like any other skill, it takes time unt