10 Best Crystals For The Solar Plexus Chakra

10 Best Crystals For The Solar Plexus Chakra

The solar plexus is the hub for vitality, power, and self-actualization, as well as the energy core. It is, in a way, the essential essence of our being. This chakra educates us about the importance of remaining true to ourselves and our values. The capacity to trust our intuition is what binds us to the Solar Plexus' energy.

Because the Solar Plexus Chakra is the seat of our personality and sense of self, we can have out-of-character emotions or reactions to external stimuli if it is neglected.

Misalignment of the Solar Plexus chakra can have an impact on how we interact with others and the world around us, as well as our image of ourselves, leading to feelings of low self-esteem and self-doubt.

When the solar plexus chakra is balanced you may feel:

  • Responsible and reliable.
  • Healthy self-esteem.
  • Spontaniety.
  • Playfulness.
  • Sense of humor.
  • Able to make decisions and meet challenges.
  • Warmth in personality.

When the solar plexus chakra is unbalanced you may feel:

  • Low self-esteem.
  • Lack of self-trust.
  • Weak will.
  • Poor digestion.
  • Victim mentality.
  • Unable to take responsibility.
  • Attraction to stimulants.
  • Not feeling good enough.

The solar plexus chakra, like all chakras, has a significant impact on our overall health, inner wealth, and emotional equilibrium. We are full of ripe and potent energy, we have the endurance and talent to set out and achieve our goals, we are pumped with passion, and we have a strong feeling of confidence that will carry us while our fire center is flickering with flame.

10 Best Crystals For The Solar Plexus Chakra

One of the most effective ways to open and rebalance the Solar Plexus is through crystal healing. The ten crystals listed below all resonate with the Solar Plexus and will help you achieve your goals.

1. Citrine (The Lucky Merchants Stone)

Colour: Yellow, Ranging from Pale to Honey or Even Brown

Origin: Brazil, Madagascar, France, Russia, USA, UK

Citrine is an excellent crystal for balancing your Solar Plexus. It has a bright appearance that complements the yellow color of the Manipura, making it a perfect choice for detoxifying this vital Energy Centre.

A positive mindset is essential for attracting the things you desire in life. Citrine, by balancing the Solar Plexus, offers you the self-assurance you need to keep going forward. It also emits a good vibe that is beneficial in attracting success and fortune.

Citrine also encourages you to stay away from “people pleasing.” It is critical to stay loyal to yourself in order to create healthy self-esteem and confidence.

2. Pyrite (Fool’s Gold)

Colour: Yellow/Gold

Origin: Australia, Spain, South Africa, Peru, Russia, Japan, Greece, Sweden, Czech Republic, North America

Pyrite is a mineral that stimulates and stabilizes the Solar Plexus. Its energy is known as Fool's Gold, and it has the power of abundance and success.

A magnificent energy field that shields negative energy is nestled within the cubic structure of pyrite. This prevents external factors from influencing your emotions, giving you more clarity while dealing with challenges. It will also help you change your mindset to one of success.

Pyrite has a strong male energy that aids memory, logic, and intelligence. It exudes optimism and self-assurance.

3. Peridot (Study Stone)

Colour: Green

Origin: Brazil, Egypt, USA, Russia, Afghanistan, Ireland, Sri Lank, Canary Islands

The Solar Plexus, your power center, is energized and cleansed by peridot. It also connects with the Heart Chakra, giving healing and forgiveness in abundance. This integration aids in the transformation of unfavorable mental patterns and behaviors.

Our progress is slowed by holding on to unfavorable situations. Peridot teaches you how to both learn from and let go of past events. This gives you a new sense of self-worth and confidence.

4. Tiger’s Eye (Stone of the Mind)

Colour: Brown, Yellow, Red

Origin: Mexico, USA, Brazil, South Africa, India, Australia

To attain any objective, you must first think that you are capable of achieving it. Tiger's eye is one of the best gemstones for boosting self-esteem and confidence because of its capacity to repair the Solar Plexus and remove phobias.

One of the best things about tiger's eye is that it absorbs the energy of both the Earth and the Sun. This potent combination motivates you to act while also allowing you to trust your instincts.

Tiger's eye also has the added benefit of balancing the yin-yang and emotional bodies. This stone might assist you if you suffer from mood fluctuations or low energy.

5. Amber

Colour: Golden Brown or Yellow

Origin: Italy, UK, Poland, Russia, Sweden, Germany, Dominican Republic, Romania

Amber is an excellent Solar Plexus healer. It's made of fossilized tree resin that's been embedded with flora, fauna, and other minerals, giving it a strong link to the Earth.

You may experience mood swings or sadness if too much energy goes into the Solar Plexus Chakra. Amber is a warm, joyful gemstone that cleanses and re-establishes equilibrium in the Solar Plexus.

It's also great for absorbing negative energy from others, such as rage. Amber is a wonderful stone to have in your collection if you need a boost in motivation or patience.

6. Heliodor (Stone of New Beginnings)

Colour: Golden Yellow, Yellow, Green-Yellow

Origin: Namibia, Nigeria, Ukraine, Brazil, Russia, USA

Heliodor is a beryl variation that awakens and aligns the Solar Plexus and Crown Chakras. Heliodor comes from the Greek word helios, which means "gift of the sun," and its rich yellow color promotes higher intellect.

This gorgeous stone, which focuses on the Solar Plexus, gives mental clarity when working toward goals. When you're tired or depleted of energy, it can also help you feel better.

Heliodor can assist you in making the best judgments by providing clarity in challenging situations. This builds self-confidence and self-assurance in your ability to succeed over time.

7. Yellow Jasper

Colour: Yellow

Origin: Worldwide

Yellow jasper is a nourishing stone that contains the sun's healing powers. This makes it an excellent healing crystal for the Solar Plexus, which is yellow. It is a powerful stone for protection and has a profound anchoring energy.

Yellow jasper also has the ability to behave as a trustworthy companion. It protects you from gossip and envy while boosting better friendships. Its beneficial influence shields you from the negative effects of others.

Yellow jasper will fill you with hope and enthusiasm since it resonates with the softer masculine spirit. You'll get the courage to speak out for yourself or finish that job.

8. Golden Yellow Topaz (Crystal of Potency, True Love & Success)

Colour: Golden Yellow

Origin: Mexico, Australia, Brazil, Japan, Madagascar, Russia, Myanmar, Africa, USA, Sri Lanka

Imperial topaz, also known as golden yellow topaz, is a sunny crystal that radiates happiness. It helps to focus energy where it's most needed by aligning and energizing the body's meridians and acting through the Solar Plexus. This increases motivation, optimism, and self-assurance.

Another feature of this crystal is its focus on fostering long-lasting friendships. It helps you establish a fulfilling social life by attracting like-minded and positive people to you.

This crystal is an intention amplifier as well as enhancing friendships. Golden yellow topaz will motivate you to achieve whatever goal or endeavor you've set for yourself.

9. Yellow Smithsonite

Colour: Yellow

Origin: Australia, USA, Greece, Namibia, Mexico, Spain, Italy

The Solar Plexus Chakra can be blocked by childhood traumas and bullying. This can lead to long-term emotions of insecurity and shyness, which can express as defensiveness or sarcasm.

Yellow smithsonite contains a grounding and caring energy that clears blockages in the Solar Plexus, heals your inner child, and aids in the development of satisfying relationships.

This stone also aids in the relief of anxiety and the alleviation of bad emotions.

10. Sunstone

Colour: yellow, orange, or brown bodycolor

Origin: Australia, Canada, China, Congo, India, Mexico, Norway, Russia, Sri Lanka, Tanzania

The Solar Plexus chakra, as you may have guessed, resonates strongly with the sun's energy, so what better stone to add to this list than Sunstone?

Sunstone is a must-have stone for anyone suffering from Solar Plexus issues since it vibrates with the energy of the sun.

It's a wonderful stone for boosting your self-esteem, self-confidence, and sense of self-worth, and it can also be utilized to help you recover from a difficult period.

Sunstone is effective in improving your self-perception for two reasons.

To begin with, it works in tandem with the Root chakra to help you feel stable, grounded, and confident in your skills.

Second, this stone highlights your particular capabilities, and it will most likely reveal to you your distinctive skills and abilities that are worthy of celebration!

Tips for using crystals for the solar plexus chakra

The crystals featured in this article are excellent for stimulating, balancing, and opening the Solar Plexus. Here are a few examples of how I like to use them:

  • Meditation is an effective way to open and balance your Solar Plexus. Crystals can help you get more out of your practice, so set up a grid around you before you begin. Alternatively, a yellow crystal might be placed on your Solar Plexus.
  • Because the Solar Plexus is your ‘fire' center, take a walk in the sunshine while holding a crystal for it. This can aid in the unblocking and energizing of this Chakra.
  • Wear Solar Plexus crystals in your jewelry. This will ensure that their energetic effect remains in your auric field all day. For keeping crystals near the Manipura, pendants and bracelets are ideal.
  • Yoga is an excellent way to release trapped energy in your Solar Plexus. Before you begin your sequence, surround your mat with Solar Plexus crystals. This Centre is activated by a couple rounds of sun salutations.
  • Setting objectives will aid in the removal of blockages in the Manipura. Hold your Solar Plexus crystal in your hand or place it in front of you as you write a list of things you want to do. This will assist you in recharging your willpower.

The bottom line

The Solar Plexus chakra is the energy center that is responsible for our sense of self, purpose, and motivation.

If you're a driven person with goals and ambitions, taking care of your energy center is essential.

We can keep our Solar Plexus chakra open and burning brightly by working with crystals like those on this list, so we can get out there and achieve what we deserve in life.

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